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Color printing packaging film series



    Printing:Any design can be printed or can be customized.

    Process:Printing、laminated 、slitting、monitoring、packing、delivery.


    Features:The main advantage of packaging film application in the packaging industry is to save the cost of the entire packaging process. Film used in automatic packaging machinery, greatly save labor and improve production efficiency! There is no need to do any edge sealing work only need to do a one-time edge sealing operation in production.The  printing pattern is clear, the bag surface is smooth,does not blister, anti-static, high barrier, we can print all kinds of patterns and logo, Our company has full automatic high precision automatic high speed cutting machine, advanced automatic online detection equipment and perfect detection system, to ensure the product quality for customers in all aspects.The roll film can be used for the snack food, pet food, all kinds of health products, electronic products, puffy food, medical supplies, daily cosmetics and other products, in addition, like some of the common packaging box on the market cover film, fast food cover film and other products are also widely used.

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