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High temperature cooking bag



    Shape of bag:Three sides seal bags、 or it can be customized.

    Printing:Any design can be printed or can be customized.

    Process:Printing、laminated 、slitting、monitoring、packing、delivery.


    Features:The sterilization temperature range of high-temperature cooking packaging bag is controlled between 121-135℃, which can completely eliminate harmful bacteria and meet the requirements of sterility. Through sterilization, under the condition of less or even no preservatives can inhibit the growth of bacteria, extend the shelf life of the product, so that the product can maintain the original design flavor for a long time at room temperature, often used in food high-temperature cooking products. High temperature sterilization of meat food such as the use of high barrier packaging materials, not only under the room temperature storage shelf life is longer, but the transport, storage, sales are very convenient, very suitable for the modern consumer demand. High temperature cooking bag has a good application value in food packaging, and plays an important role in the diversification, quality and shelf life extension of food packaging. Our company makes the packaging bag transparency, color printing pattern is clear, the packaging bag flexibility is strong, sealing strength is strong, anti-leakage, anti-drop, anti-corrosion and other characteristics of the layer, not foam, is widely used in a variety of meat products, seafood, soy products, dumplings products and other packaging! We can design and print various patterns and logos according to customers' requirements. Our company has advanced automatic online testing equipment and perfect testing system to ensure the quality of each batch of products.

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